Hard Rock International

Hard Rock International seeks to make the world a better place, one music note at a time. The company, founded in the year 1971, gains its principles from its two pillars. The first component is music and the second is philanthropy. All their undertakings as an organization stem from these elements.

The organization further combines these pillars with its Hard Rock Heals Foundation, a charity organization that got established as a way to improve the livelihoods of people through the use of music. The programs in this foundation include but are not limited to the launch of a merchandise line and the operation of hotel suites which offer a tremendous musical experience.

The initiatives started at Hard Rock Café as well as in the hotel venues add on to the success of the Hard Rock Heals Foundation. Kellie Brown, Hard Rock International’s philanthropy manager, states that the development of the Hard Rock Heals Foundation enables the company to unite local events, global initiatives and philanthropic efforts under one platform. The coming together puts the company in a better position to achieve its goal of making lives better through musical experiences.

Hard Rock Heals Foundation

Hard Rock Heals Foundation expects to raise at least ten million US dollars by the end of 2021. This money will get directed towards foundations that are focused on musical philanthropy. The motto of the fund is ‘Love.Amplified.’ This motto directs people to the goals of the organization which are to inspire people to turn up the volumes of music and delivers a message that people’s lives can change through music.
The organization provides grants and assistance to people who wish to study music and health and wellness programs to the global community. The organization’s inaugural partners are Stax Academy, Bombay Teen Challenge, and Musicians on Call amongst others.

The foundation operates cafes, hotels, casinos as well as other venues. Revenues collected from such ventures go into helping the association achieve its goal in music. Guests are now in a position to take part in the organization’s mission by staying true to its mottos such as ‘Love All-Serve All’ and ‘Take Time to Be Kind.’ They can do this by buying goods in the merchandise line, staying at the hotel rooms or taking part in live music programs.


You can get hold of the limited edition of Hard Rock Heals Foundation’s local collection at Hard Rock Café, Hotel and casino establishments in the world. Once you make a purchase, fifteen percent of the revenue goes to the foundation’s beneficiaries such as Street Symphony. Items on the stock include unisex t-shirts, city-specific pins in the form of music notes, lapel pins, socks, water bottles, and candles. The merchandise comes bearing logos or phrases of the foundation.


You can relax in a hotel room while giving back to society. Between 12th September and 12th November, guests get a chance to upgrade to the Hard Rock Heals Foundation Suite depending on its availability. The room is fitted with state-of-the-art sound features to make your stay exceptional, and what’s more, fifteen percent of what you pay goes into a charity organization.


You can attend a Hard Rock Heals Foundation concert. As you get to enjoy the live performances, the foundation contributes a dollar from each ticket sale to a music organization.

There are more ways than one to see to it that the foundation garners the ten million dollars it needs. The good thing is that everyone who participates in the challenge gets to have something in return.