This English rock band came into being in Lancashire in the year 1967. They started out by playing blue rocks. It later shifted its style to hard rock and folk music to get a more progressive rock style. The band started enjoying recognition in the year 1969 when their album Stand Up rose to the top of the Charts in the UK.


Over time, the line-up of this group has evolved. With members leaving and others signing up over the years, changes have happened in the line-up leading to the composition of five members that the band currently has.

Current members

  • Ian Anderson
    Ian plays the flute, the acoustic guitar, and other instruments. He also sings in the band. Ian joined the group in the year 1967 and played with them till 2012, taking a break after that. After five years of not playing with the band, he rejoined them in 2017.
  • John O’Hara
    John plays the keyboard and the accordion. In addition to this, he also sings in the band. He joined the group in 2007 and left the band in 2012 at the time when Anderson took a break. John rejoined the band in 2017 following a five-year break.
  • David Goodier
    Having joined the band in 2007, David took up the role of playing the bass. He also took a break in 2012 and returned to play in 2017.
  • Florian Opahle
    Florian is in charge of playing the electric as well as the acoustic guitars. He did not join the band so long ago as he joined them in 2017 after they started another line-up.
  • Scott Hammond
    Also new to the band is Scott who joined the group in 2017. He plays the drums.

Former members

This band has tens of former members who all contributed to its rise. Such members include but are not limited to Doane Perry, Andrew Gildings, Gerry Conway, Jonathan Noyce and Martin Barre amongst others.

Touring musicians

The band travels with a group of musicians who help them out when it comes to providing outstanding performances to their fans on tour. Some of the members include Anna Phoebe who played the violin and Mark Purnell who worked the drums.


  • The 1960s to 1980s
    Some of the most successful records of this group in this era include A Passion Play, This Was, War Child, Stormwatch, Bursting Out, Stand Up, Thick as a Brick, Aqualung, Heavy Horses, Benefit, Too Old To Rock And Roll And Minstrel In The Gallery.
  • The 1980s to 2000
    Albums in this period include Crest Of A Knave, A, Under Wraps, The Broadsword And The Beast, Rock Island, Roots To Branches, Catfish Rising And J-Tull Dot Com.
  • 2001 to present day
    The Jethro Tull Christmas Album, Nothing Is Easy, Aqualung Live, Live At Montreux, Extended Versions, A New Day Yesterday, Living With The Past And Jack In The Green are some of the albums released in the 21st century.

tour dates in the UK

The band will be in the UK for three days in December 2017. Tour appearances will be as follows: Durham Cathedral in Durham on the 14th, Bradford Cathedral in Bradford on the 15th and Peterborough Cathedral in Peterborough on the 16th.

For decades, this band has continued to release fantastic albums, and the subsequent albums should be no different.