Thrash metal band released their 14th album The Blood of Gods on 20th October 2017. The album got released by Metal Blade Records. This album is the band’s first record without Dave Brockie. Dave was a founding member of the group, and he came upon his death on the 23rd of March in 2014.

Another significant milestone in this album is the featuring of Michael Bishop. Michael last appeared in 1999 in their ‘We Kill Everything.’ He comes in as a lead singer going by Blothar the Berserker as opposed to his original role which was Beefcake the Mighty.

The songs featured on the album were recorded in 2017 at White Star Sound Studio in Zion Crossroads, Virginia as well as Slave Pit Studios in Richmond, Virginia. The songs are of thrash metal genre, and they play for a total of fifty-five minutes and fifty seconds. The producer of this album is Ronan Chris Murphy.

Their last album was Battle Maximus which got released in 2013.

front of gwar's latest album


The theme of the album revolves around a war between humans and the forces of what is wrong in the current world. In the battle, the band challenges problems such as pollution, fast foods, factory farming, and politics. The group castigates the human race, claiming that for the planet to survive, humans need to get eliminated.

The album also ventures into the loss of their leader Dave who got portrayed as Oderus Urungus. The band goes into the grief they have suffered as well as the triumphs that have led to the release of yet another album. When the group set off for their 2017 Vans Warped Tour, they sang ‘Fuck This Place’ as a tribute to their fallen leader Dave.

Band Members

  • Mike Bishop – Lead vocals
    * aka Blothar the Berserker. Mike also sings bass on the ‘Viking Death Machine’ and ‘Crushed by the Cross.’
  • Brent Purgason – Lead guitar & Backing vocals
    * aka Pustulus Maximus in the band. In the song ‘Crushed by the Cross,’ he sings lead vocals. His additional vocals are audible as he sings ‘El Presidente’ and ‘Death to Dickie Duncan.’
  • Mike Derks – Rhythm guitar & Backing vocals
    * aka Beefcake the Mighty
  • Jamison Land – Bass & Backing vocals
    * aka Balsac the Jaws of Death
  • Brad Roberts – Drums, Percussion & Additional vocals
    * aka Jizmak Da Gusha
  • Matt Maguire – Lead vocals
    * aka Sawborg Destructo
  • Bob Gorman – The voice at the end of ‘If You Want Blood’
    * aka Bonesnapper
  • MC Chris – Additional vocals
    * aka Dickie Duncan
  • Jenna Ottinger – Additional vocals
    * such as ‘War on Gwar’
  • JW Adkins – Orchestral arrangement
    * such as ‘War on Gwar’
  • Danny T. Levin – Horn arrangements
    * such as ‘El Presidente’
  • Jonah Kane West – B3 organ
    * such as ‘Phantom Limb’
  • Nicole Roberts – Additional percussion
  • Mark Kilbourn – Sound design
  • Ronan Chris Murphy – Production process, Keyboards, Additional percussion & Backing vocals


Critical reception
ADM Rating
  • 5/10
    ADM Rating - 5/10

On the US Independent Albums Billboard, this album ranked twelfth. It ranked thirteenth in the US Top Hard Rock Albums Billboard. The album was well received.

Given the success of this album, we can expect more records on wars in the coming years to do just as well.